Reshaping CV Sorting : About HireFlows

HireFlows is an HR selection software aiming at finding the right person that best fits each job position, fast, easily and accurately.

We founded HireFlows after identifying the lack of connection between businesses and the pool of talented candidates. We aspired to help companies accurately assess candidates and achieve the best pairing between the two through the selection process.

Combining our intelligent matching algorithms with LinkedIn API’s, CV management has never been so easy. The recruiter in a matter of few minutes can complete our user-friendly job description templates. After that, when the applicants apply they are automatically redirected to our platform where they can apply through their LinkedIn profiles or by completing our CV form. At that point the recruiter is just one click away from a complete CV screening with an insightful candidate report illustrating the best applicants ranked by the HireFlows matching score indicating visually how relevant the candidate’s profile is to the job description requirements. HireFlows helps you achieve the best match, as well as allows for an accurate evaluation and representation of applicant qualities. By clicking on any candidate, you can see the individual profile with the information grouped in a visual-friendly mode that indicates the underlining score of the candidate in each of the job description criteria as well as the ability to compare candidates side by side.

What makes our product stand out is the HireFlows intelligent algorithm. It generates a matching score, by calculating the similarity between the applicant’s CV and the corresponding job description requirements and assigning weights for each criterion in the job description. This allows the user to assign different weights and importance to different criteria in the job description that results to a smart profiling, tailor made to the specific needs and culture of each company. We also see that due to our user-friendly approach, companies enjoy higher applying rates and better job site engagement while devoting the least engineering resources.

Data Driven Hiring is in the core of HireFlows and we commit to optimize the usefulness of your data by structuring them in an internal data pool of candidates for proactive recruiting that enables you to cherry pick your candidates and keep track of those with high potential, so that no candidate is lost in the process, and companies are able to recruit at optimal efficiency.

HireFlows vision is to reshape the HR selection process into an accurate, fast and easy 360 candidate evaluation. By focusing on integrable, flexible and intelligent matching algorithms, HireFlows goes beyond the traditional CV management and sets the ground for achieving a 360 candidate evaluation and expand in the future our indicators to also include information from other candidate profiling sources such as social media platforms, psychometric assessments and more.

Finally, combining data driven hiring, compatibility with enterprise platforms, in the most user friendly, quick way possible, companies avoid the clutter of expensive intricate tools and invest in HireFlows without committing a full HR and IT department to run it.