The Future of Hiring is Smart

Complete scientific recruitment process outsourcing platform, user friendly and accessible, without requiring an HR or IT background to use.

CV Reading is the Past

Streamline your Recruitment Process with up to 60% more Accurate Candidate Results at 1/5th the Cost.


Structured matching criteria according to 360 candidate Hireflows profiling


Scientific Automated Matching of Candidates with Hireflows Algorithm


Increase productivity, decrease costs by streamlining HR processes with Hireflows


Recruitment focused tool, with candidate driven results and targeted candidate shortlist.

Scientific, Focused Results

Recruitment focused tool, with candidate driven results and targeted candidate shortlist

Unbiased Matching
Promotes an improved transparent approach in hiring: reducing biases with smart matching of candidates with company’s job descriptions

Faster, Accurate Process
Monitor top shortlisted candidates for the position, reducing time and cost required by 75% and increasing productivity by 20%

Find the Best Candidate for Every Job Position

Using Intelligent Algorithms and Smart Matching, HireFlows shortlists the best candidates for every job position by matching their CVs to the company’s job description

After you create the first job description, you can post it to any job site. You have to connect it to HireFlows.

During the process, the candidates are gathered into the job dashboard.

With the click of a button, the candidate scoring appears and you get the top candidates for the position. After, you can contact them to arrange interviews or send them a personality test

You can use HireFlows to create a database of all potential candidates interested working in your company, therefore getting even more value out of your data as well as engage in proactive recruitment.