HireFlows, a member of WeGrow global Initiative.

by olga_hf

HireFlows is a proud member   to the WeGrow EU program, supporting innovative female entrepreneurs! 

The European Project WE GROW supports innovative women in the preparation of successful applications to the Horizon2020 SME Instrument. WE GROW supports Women Entrepreneurs mainly from Greece, Belgium, Sweden and Croatia.


Women entrepreneurs face major challenges and constraints when it comes to starting and developing an enterprise.

  • Access to finance: Women entrepreneurs are faced with significant barriers to accessing funds. Helping women business owners become more successful in applying for direct or indirect funding from the EU is integral to enhancing women entrepreneurship.
  • Access to information: Access to entrepreneurship-related information is necessary for helping Women Entrepreneurs make informed decisions in the pursuit of economic empowerment. Information about tax regimes, legislation, technology, business networks, funding schemes, financial services and market trends among others are crucial to identifying and exploiting an entrepreneurial opportunity.
  • Lack of training: Insufficient training is one of the major challenges Women Entrepreneurs are faced with when establishing and running a business. Continuous training on technical, managerial and entrepreneurial topics is essential to successfully running and developing business activities in highly competitive economic sectors.
  • Access to networks and business partners: Women Entrepreneurs mention access to networks and partners, as a major challenge to conducting business. Effective partnerships and business networks and crucial to achieving growth and innovation.

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